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Record level data of unemployment and employment statuses in Indian households


The Unemployment database contains detailed information on employment and unemployment status about the members residing in all households in the Consumer Pyramids sample. This is a database of about 522,000 people. It provides employment or unemployment status for each member (who is greater than or equal to 15 years of age) of each household in the database.

The database contains information on age and gender of the member, employment or unemployment status of the member.

Information on employment and unemployment statuses of all individuals from households in the Consumer Pyramids sample is collected during each Wave of the Consumer Pyramids survey. Since there are three Waves in a year, the complete employment and unemployment information is collected thrice in a year for the entire sample.

The data always pertains to the date of the survey.

If there is ambiguity of the status of an individual on the day of the survey (as it could be for a daily wage worker) we seek the status as of the day preceding the day of the interview. This recall of a status that is in very close proximity to the date of the survey ensures accurate observations of the status.

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