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A detailed database of India's foreign trade & world trade data


Tradedx comprises time-series data on India’s foreign trade and World Trade.

India’s foreign trade data is based on two types of commodity classifications, Principal Commodities (PC) and Indian Trade Classification (ITC). Data based on both types of commodity classifications are compiled and released by Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics (DGCI&S), Kolkata. Data based on PC classification is released with a lag of one month. ITC data is released with a lag of two to three months.

PC classification includes major items that are traded by India. It includes around 190 commodities each for exports and imports. The individual items have been grouped into sub-groups and groups by CMIE for better understanding of India’s foreign trade.

ITC-based classification captures India’s foreign trade data at a granular level. It is based on the Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) of classification developed by World Customs Organisation (WCO). ITC comprises 2-4-6-8 digit coding structure of commodities. The classification includes more than 20,000 commodities.

In the two types of classifications, export/import data is captured for 261 countries by DGCI&S. These countries also are grouped into regions. Data based on PC and ITC classifications are available for monthly, cumulative and annual frequency for value and for quantity (wherever available) in Indian Rupees and in US dollars.

World Trade data is based on the HS system. It consists of 2-4-6 digit-based coding structure. World Trade data is available for annual frequency from 1995 onwards.

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