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States of India

States of India is a statistical compendium of the 37 states and union territories and 724 districts of India. Statistics on states are released by various state & central agencies. CMIE excels in compiling all this information into one cohesive and seamless offering.

The statistics covered here include a wide spectrum of economic and socio-economic indicators. State domestic product, inflation, banking, public finance, agriculture and industry are examples of the types of economic indicators covered. Energy and infrastructure indicators include data on electricity, coal, petroleum & gas, railways, roadways, ports, civil aviation and telecommunications. Socio-economic indicators such as on demographics, household amenities, education, health, employment and crime are covered extensively.

States of India also includes statistics on general and assembly elections. And, it contains detailed trends in investments based on CMIE’s CapEx database.

Annual Survey of Industries, the largest database on industries at the state level, is presented in the form of easily accessible tabulations. Automobile sales and tourism also form part of the data on industries in States of India.

Time-series data is available for most indicators from 1990-91 onwards. Tabulations are designed to enable easy time-series analysis. Separate presentations enable inter-state comparisons. Navigation is supported by two-way axis of movement - by type of data and by geography.

The service provides access to a large number of source documents used in the creation of the database presented in States of India, and various policy announcements of the state governments.

Analysts at CMIE provide useful insights in the form of short incisive essays. The service also provides links to news in the media related to states.

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