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Academics will appreciate Prowessdx. Prowessdx is a special delivery of the famous Prowess database with a user-interface that is designed for the academic research community.

Download all the data you need for your research on Indian firms in just five simple steps. The user-interface is extremely simple.

The Prowess database is invaluable to the research community as it provides a long-time series of data; it assures no deliberate survival bias and it delivers standardised data on listed and unlisted companies.

Prowessdx delivers financial performance data and markets data. It leverages the rich disclosure requirements mandated in India.

Prowessdx contains data on over 50,000 companies and has a 25-year time-series for the older companies.

Prowess is a well-accepted database with several research papers published in reputed peer-reviewed journals.

Prowessdx facilitates replication.

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