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Learning Ratio Analysis


PraXis is a teaching platform designed for self-study of ratio analysis of companies.

PraXis explains in substantial detail, 47 ratios. These cover all the important ratios that students would use in their professional career. These include ratios based on fundamental data sourced from financial statements of companies and also market related ratios based on data sourced from stock exchanges.

PraXis first explains concepts of the ratios. Then it shows the computation of these from their basic components. It then explains the orders of magnitudes of these components involved in the ratios in the form of a hypothetical case. These orders of magnitude are derived from real data and so they give a realistic sense of the proportion of components involved in these ratios.

Next, PraXis shows examples of computation of the ratios from real data. And finally, it shows the real data for all companies in the database.

This method is a step-wise exposition of the concepts into practical application using real data.

PraXis delivers all the requisite data for ratio analysis for all listed companies. Students can work around this data which is presented in spreadsheets, by sorting, plotting, etc to get a real feel of the ratios of individual companies.

PraXis comes along with Assignments for students. Every section has assignments that help students test their understanding of the computation of the ratios and their expected values.

PraXis is therefore, a complete end-to-end package to teach students ratio analysis of companies.

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