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Record level demographics data of Indian households

People of India

The People of India database contains detailed identity information on about 650,000 individual members who reside in households in the Consumer Pyramids sample.

The sample is large and well spread across India. It is therefore a good database to study the demographic profile of the people of India.

The database contains information on age, gender, religion, caste, state of origin, occupation, literacy, education level and discipline in case of higher education, status of health and financial inclusion.

Caste is an important identity characteristic in India based on traditional social stratifications. State of origin is an identity based on recent clustering of administrative regions.

Status of health is captured in three self-assessed statuses. There are eight different indicators to represent financial inclusion and an indicator for mobile phone ownership.

Complete demographic data of all households in the Consumer Pyramids sample is collected thrice in a year. The People of India database is therefore updated thrice a year. The data always pertains to the date of the survey.

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