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Record level data of detailed consumption expenses of Indian households

Household Expenses Details

The Household Expense Details database contains information on household spends across over 80 expense items.

The sample is large and well spread across India with detailed data of expenditure of households on 82 household items during each month of the surveyed period. It therefore provides an excellent view of the changing spending capacity and the pattern of expenditure of the households of India.

The database contains information on monthly expense of 29 food items and 53 non-food items.

The 29 food items include whole-grain cereals, pulses, edible oils, vegetables, fruits, potatoes onions, tea, coffee, jam/pickle/ketchup, sweeteners, bread, milk milk-products, meat/eggs fish, biscuits, namkeen salty snacks, chocolates/cakes ice-creams, etc.

The 53 non-food items include intoxicants, cosmetic toiletries, clothing, footwear, restaurants, recreation, purchase of household appliances, education, health, electricity, petrol, transport, communication, bills rent, transport, communication, Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) and miscellaneous expenses, etc.

Expenses are always collected for the four months that immediately preceded the month of the survey.

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