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Economic Outlook

Economic Outlook provides CMIE’s view on where the Indian economy stands and where it is likely headed. This view is derived from a careful and continuous monitoring of all new data releases.

Time-series analysis and an integrated view of the Indian economy form the core of CMIE’s forecasts. Detailed and comprehensive statistical forecasts are presented in Economic Outlook every quarter.

Every data release is analysed at three levels:

  1. Tidings: A quick descriptive presentation of new facts.
  2. Insights: An analytical and contextual interpretation of the new data release.
  3. Outlook: A forward looking essay that describes the implications of the new data release.

The core strength of Economic Outlook is the underlying database. The service provides full access to this database. Time series of over half a million indicators are provided for multiple frequencies and in the form of several derivations. The full set of indicators including all frequencies and derivations add up to over 2.8 million time-series. All these are presented in intelligently laid-out tabulations.

Tabulations are supported with readymade graphics and also a graphing tool. The data can be easily downloaded into spreadsheets or as txt files.

Economic Outlook provides scanned images of the original source documents used in building the time-series, a calendar of expected data releases, an alerts system and a useful indicator search and download facility.

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