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Results from India's Largest Survey of Households

Consumer Pyramids Lite

Consumer Pyramids Lite provides detailed estimates of:

  1. Household Income
  2. Broad Pattern of Household Expenses
  3. Details of Broad Expenditure Items
  4. Household Implicit Savings
  5. Estimates of Investor Households
  6. Estimates of Borrower Households
  7. Sources of Borrowings
  8. Age-Gender Distribution
  9. Occupation Distribution
  10. Education Distribution
  11. Ownership of Assets
  12. Intentions to Buy Assets

Estimates for:

  1. 99 urban regions
  2. 97 rural regions
  3. State-wise urban & rural

Cross-tabulations by:

  1. Household Income Groups
  2. Household Occupation Groups

These estimates are based on the largest household survey conducted in India. This is a panel of 158,624 households.

Consumer Pyramids Lite provides quarterly estimates from March 2011 and annual estimates from 2010-11.

Consumer Pyramids Lite is replete with analytical tools, maps, charts and tabulations.

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