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Results from India's Largest Survey of Households

Consumer Pyramids Lite

Consumer Pyramids Lite offers a solution to understand the size and composition of the Indian consumers markets.

If you were wondering where you could find data on household incomes, or household expense details, on a regular basis - decomposed by rural-urban, regions of states of India, then Consumer Pyramids Lite is the answer to your needs.

If you are looking for data on demographics that are more up-to-date than the Census estimates, then Consumer Pyramids Lite is what you should look at.

If you are honing your marketing strategy for consumer goods or consumer durables or services targeting the households sector, then Consumer Pyramids Lite is an indispensable tool.

Consumer Pyramids Lite throws light on the size and share of the Indian household wallet, estimates penetration of goods, services and assets in various states.

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