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Database of the Life Cycle of New Investments


CapEx is a database of the progress in implementation of new capacity-building projects in India.

This unique database tracks projects from their announcement through their implementation and final closure. The closure could be completion or the abandonment of the projects. CapEx tracks the complete life cycle of projects.

The CapEx database contains the history of implementation of projects since 1995. Over 60,000 projects have been tracked. Many of these have been completed and many others are still in their implementation stages. Some are abandoned and many disappeared after a mere announcement. The CapEx database has tracked the journeys of these projects.

Projects include those for infrastructure, manufacturing or even services. These could be implemented by government, private sector companies or foreign companies.

CapExdx is a data extraction service for academics wherein researchers can extract all the details of selected projects in the form of simple text files. For each selection, the service delivers seven separate files that contain all the data for the selected projects. These seven files provide project details, project location, products and capacities, project associates, project events, completion details and cost revisions.

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