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Tracking the Creation of New Capacities


CapEx is a database of investment projects that involve the setting up of new capacities. It is about the announcement of such projects, their implementation and their final culmination into new capacities.

The database is a lot more than a mere listing of projects.

It identifies new projects announced and tracks their progress in implementation through their end. The life-cycle of a project ends when the new capacity is created and deployed into production.

Sometimes, the end is less rewarding. A project may get abandoned before its completion. Or, its implementation may get suspended because of some reason.

The CapEx database tracks projects through this journey and eventual conclusion. It captures this life-cycle of projects.

The CapEx service provides detailed information on individual projects. Information is collected from public sources and through direct contact with the companies engaged in executing the projects.

A useful derivative of the CapEx database is the set of aggregates that are generated using the project-level database every quarter.

The CapEx database provides a range of projections of new capacities expected in the near future.

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