Cinque Terre

Tracking the Creation of New Capacities


CapEx database is about new capacities in the making. It is therefore a database of the shape of things to come. It is about where enterprises can find their future markets, their future competition or future infrastructure.

CapEx helps us anticipate the future.

CapEx is updated continuously and it therefore helps us tweak our expectations of the future wherever necessary.

CapEx is a database of projects that aim to create new capacities in India. These projects are often in search of financiers and project consultants and implementation agencies. They are similarly in search of plant and machinery suppliers and whole stream of suppliers that help create new factories, offices or infrastructure.

The CapEx service delivers this unique database over a web-browser and allows you to look up the details of individual projects. As these are updated continuously, CapEx automatically becomes an important internal monitor for business strategy.

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