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Prowess for Interactive Querying


ProwessIQ is a query-able database of about 38,000 Indian companies.

The Prowess database includes all companies traded on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange, thousands of unlisted public limited companies and hundreds of private limited companies.

The database is built from Annual Reports, quarterly financial statements, Stock Exchange feeds and other reliable sources. There are over 3,500 data fields per company in the Prowess database. The database is standardised to enable inter-company and temporal comparisons. ProwessIQ provides time-series data from 1989.

Prowess is most useful in applications where we need to find companies that satisfy a set of conditions. ProwessIQ is designed to facilitate the clear articulation of the conditions of a search and the delivery of a well-formatted output of the consequent results.

There are 61 different Query Triggers in ProwessIQ. Each is designed to facilitate the querying of different parts of the database. Results of each of the Query Triggers can be easily combined with those of others. Querying can therefore be an iterative process to discover the companies that best meet the criteria set by you. This iterative process of querying is at the heart of ProwessIQ. The full suite of Query Triggers is quite sophisticated with specially developed functions to facilitate easy as well as some intense querying.

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