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Transfer Pricing

The estimation of transfer pricing taxation is the outcome of some interesting data crunching. Tax assessees and their tax consultants make an estimate of the possible tax liability during a year and file returns with the authorities who in turn conduct their own estimations. All concerned parties use databases to come to their conclusions.

CMIE plays a critical role in this by providing the relevant databases and being an independent agency.

Prowess is the most popular and relevant database used by transfer pricing taxation work in India. Prowess is also used overseas in transfer pricing taxation. It is used by the Internal Revenue Service in the USA.

Prowess is used to find the relevant peers of the target company and then to estimate the arms' length profitability. The large database and the powerful query system of Prowess makes these tasks easy in the hands of the end-users.

Transfer pricing taxation professionals also use CMIE's Industry Analysis Service to provide inputs for the Functions, Assets & Risk (FAR) Analysis.

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