Cmie Analytics

Human Resources

The pool of human resources at CMIE reflect the company's activities that straddle the entire information food-chain from primary surveys through research, software development and sales and support.

  1. Over 170 analysts analyse original sources, crunch the data, write analytical reports and make forecasts.
  2. Over 110 field officers collect data from households and from markets.
  3. Over 40 IT professionals build CMIE's databases, develop analytical tools and deliver the data to our customers.
  4. Nearly 50 sales and support staff solicit sales, help customers and bring feedback from customers back into development.
  5. Total staff strength of nearly 400 (as of April 2012) work to help our customers take informed decisions.

The work environment ecourages initiative and innovations. A career at CMIE is a tremendous learning experience to most youngsters. The enterprise and initiative of young innovators blends with the experience of a mature organisation with a largely flat organisational structure. With a history of over 36 years, the human resources at CMIE are a tremendous storehouse of knowledge and experience. Most of the senior members in the company have worked at CMIE for well over 15 years.

This knowledge and experience complemented by a larger younger work force works well to deliver quality service to our customers.

We aim to understand the dynamics of the economy and use this knowledge to help our clients take informed decisions

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