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Financial Markets

Financial market intermediaries are amongst the most voracious consumers of information. Typically, a sell-side analyst or a buy-side investor is surrounded by a slew of information terminals and mounds of research reports.

Industry Analysis Service and Prowess are the most frequently used services by this community. Analysts at broking houses use Prowess to decipher the financial statements of companies and they use Industry Analysis Service to anticipate trends in the industry of their specialisation.

Besides detailed annual and quarterly financial statements and ratios based on these, Prowess also contains daily adjusted equity share prices, changes in equity capital, total and excess returns, beta and a host of other market estimations made by CMIE.

Investors find the versatile querying facility in Prowess to be particularly useful to find the big and small changes underway in the markets.

Commodities is used by financial market intermediaries that invest into the commodities markets. This interest has been growing in recent times and CMIE's Commodities offering provides a comprehensive blend of fundamental and market data on agricultural and non-agricultural commodities.

A number of these research houses use CapEx to get a glimpse of the future capacities coming up; they use the Economic Intelligence Service and Business Beacon to track macro-economic trends and they use Consumer Pyramids to understand India's households segment, which is the major source of demand.

We aim to understand the dynamics of the economy and use this knowledge to help our clients take informed decisions

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