Cmie Analytics

Customers & Applications

A variety of organisations in India and overseas subscribe to CMIE services. These include:

  1. Governments
  2. Central bank and commercial banks
  3. Insurance companies & NBFCs
  4. Investment companies, Foreign Institutional Investors & HNIs
  5. Mutual funds
  6. Broking houses and merchant bankers
  7. Chartered accountancy firms
  8. Consultancies
  9. Rating agencies
  10. Embassies / High Commissions
  11. Multilateral agencies
  12. Industry / trade associations
  13. Companies
  14. Educational institutions & research agencies
  15. Media

CMIE services are deployed for a variety of applications. These include:

  1. Policy making in government
  2. Transfer pricing taxation estimation by assessees, consultants and government
  3. Investment recommendations by sell-side researchers and investment decisions by buy-side investors
  4. Credit appraisal by banks and NBFCs
  5. Risk management and planning in banks and corporates
  6. Marketing, selling and business prospecting
  7. Teaching in business schools
  8. Academic research

We aim to understand the dynamics of the economy and use this knowledge to help our clients take informed decisions

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