Cmie Analytics

Business Schools

Business schools use CMIE services as an important resource in their teaching and in the assignments they give students. The CMIE databases complement the courses with real-life data.

Teachers at business schools use data from CMIE services to supplement their classroom lectures and also give assignments from CMIE services. This exposure to real-life data helps students in being better prepared in their professional careers.

Prowess is used intensively in the finance courses in business schools. Fluency in the use of Prowess helps students in being much better suited for professional careers in the financial markets, investment banking, in commercial banks and in large corporates as Prowess is used extensively in these industries.

The use of Prowess is complemented by the Industry Analysis Service as this provides a perspective of the trends in over 60 specific industries. Business schools find this service particularly useful since assignments often work around industries and companies.

The economics lectures in business schools are supported by the Economic Intelligence Service. Senior corporate leaders require a professional beacon to assess the external economic environment. An exposure to the Economic Intelligence Service helps the students in being well prepared to weather the storms of real-life business leadership.

We aim to understand the dynamics of the economy and use this knowledge to help our clients take informed decisions

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