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Commercial banks are intensive users of Prowess and Industry Analysis Service. The two services complement each other in credit appraisals. While Prowess provides a useful database to examine the financials of companies, to generate benchmark ratios and also to do peer analysis, the Industry Analysis Service provides forecasts for individual industries.

Many large commercial banks have integrated Prowess into their process flows for credit appraisals and approvals. Even banks that essentially lend to small companies which are not covered in Prowess find the database to be useful because it provides critical benchmark ratios and also identifies useful peers.

Some banks use Prowess to target potential new customers. Others add CapEx to their arsenal to find new avenues to grow their business. Prowess is used to find existing companies that do not have a relationship with the bank; and CapEx is used to find new companies that can have a relationship. Consumer Pyramids can be used to prospect geographical regions that have growth potential.

The risk department of banks often take a top-down approach to diagnose systemic risk. Economic Intelligence Service helps them understand the macro-economic trends, the Industry Analysis Service does the same at the industry level and Prowess is used to generate industry specific benchmark ratios. These three services together provide an integrated view of the economic environment and help the bank in assessing risk.

We aim to understand the dynamics of the economy and use this knowledge to help our clients take informed decisions

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