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Economic Outlook

  • Macro-economic forecasts and insights
  • Real-time analysis of data releases and copious time-series data

Industry Outlook

  • Historical time-series and forecasts
  • 193 industries covering all industrial and services sectors


  • Largest Database of Financial Performance of Indian Companies
  • Powered by a Versatile Software that Empowers the User.


  • Tracking the Creation of new Capacities
  • From Intentions through Implementation and Completion.


  • The most Comprehensive and Reliable source of Indian Commodity Prices
  • Market Intelligence, Crop forecasts and Time-series data for Agricultural Commodities.

Consumer Pyramids

  • Results from India's Largest survey of Households
  • Over 150,000 Households Surveyed every Quarter
  • Demographic characteristics of over 700,000 individuals

States of India

  • A Comprehensive compilation of State-level Statistics
  • Supported by Official Statistical documents from State governments

Consumer Pyramids

Consumer Pyramids is an invaluable resource for all companies and institutions that wish to tap the vast potential in the Indian households markets. It is equally useful to a fast moving consumer goods company or a consumer durables company, a financial services distribution company or hotels or tourism companies. Or, researchers who wish to understand India's domestic consumption market.

Consumer Pyramids presents estimates of household income, household expenses, pattern of expenditure by about a hundred expenditure heads, household savings, household investments and the pattern of investments, borrowings and the sources and uses of the borrowings. This provides a comprehensive understanding of the financial health and behaviour of households in India.

In addition it provides estimates of ownership of assets such as a house, kitchen appliances, household appliances, entertainment equipment, transport equipment and other assets. It also provides the likely demand for such assets and for financial savings instruments from the household sector in the near future.

These estimates are based on the largest household survey conducted in India. This is a panel of 150,000 households. The panel is interviewed every quarter. This is the fastest frequency household survey of this size conducted in India.

Consumer Pyramids is the only source of estimating household incomes in India. It is also the only source of obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the financial health of households, the penetration of goods and services amongst households and their propensity to consume and save.

Estimates are available for over 300 cities and hundred rural regions; and for all states of India.

Consumer Pyramids is replete with analytical tools, maps, charts and tabulations. These are updated every quarter within 15 days of the completion of a survey.