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CapEx is a database of investment projects that involve the setting up of new capacities. The name "CapEx" is a concatenation of the short-form of Capacity Expansion, and of Capital Expenditure.

An investment project involves some capital expenditure and it involves some capacity expansion. The CapEx database is about the announcement of such projects, their implementation and their final culmination into new capacities.

The CapEx database captures projects that entail a capital expenditure of Rs.10 million or more.

CMIE has been monitoring the creation of new capacities ever since it was established in 1976. The monitoring work started being databased systematically in 1996. The current CapEx database therefore contains information on projects since 1995-96.

The CapEx database records the progress in implementation of investment projects. The database is a lot more than a mere listing of projects.

The CapEx database captures new projects being announced, tracks the various events of the projects in its radar and captures the end of the project. The life-cycle of a project ends when the new capacity is created and deployed into production. Sometimes, the end is less rewarding. A project may get abandoned before its completion. Or, its implementation may get suspended because of some reason.

The CapEx database captures this life-cycle of projects.

A useful derivative of the CapEx database is the set of aggregates that are generated using the project-level database every quarter. They include aggregates of the value of new investments or of the completion of projects during a quarter. These provide a time-series of the investment activity in the country and are therefore a useful set of macro-economic indicators of the investment cycles in the country.

The CapEx database provides a range of projections of new capacities expected in the near future. CapEx is about current investment projects to create productive capacities in the future.