Our Products

Economic Outlook

  • Macro-economic forecasts and insights
  • Real-time analysis of data releases and copious time-series data

Industry Outlook

  • Historical time-series and forecasts
  • 193 industries covering all industrial and services sectors


  • Largest Database of Financial Performance of Indian Companies
  • Powered by a Versatile Software that Empowers the User.


  • Tracking the Creation of new Capacities
  • From Intentions through Implementation and Completion.


  • The most Comprehensive and Reliable source of Indian Commodity Prices
  • Market Intelligence, Crop forecasts and Time-series data for Agricultural Commodities.

Consumer Pyramids

  • Results from India's Largest survey of Households
  • Over 150,000 Households Surveyed every Quarter
  • Demographic characteristics of over 700,000 individuals

States of India

  • A Comprehensive compilation of State-level Statistics
  • Supported by Official Statistical documents from State governments

Business Beacon

Business Beacon is a database of time-series. It provides time-series of nearly 10,000 indicators, many with multiple frequencies. The total time-series including the various frequencies are in excess of 25,000. The time-series span the entire length of time for which such series are available.

The product is positioned as a resource for the research community. It has an interactive charting facility and it facilitates automation of repetitive work.

The indicators are obtained from official sources or are generated from CMIE's own databases, such as Prowess or CapEx. The list of indicators can be divided into the following types:

  1. Population and demography
  2. National accounts
  3. Public finance
  4. Money, banking & interest rates
  5. Agriculture
  6. Rainfall
  7. Minerals & industry
  8. Prices
  9. Energy
  10. Transport & communications
  11. Corporate sector
  12. Capital markets
  13. Government market borrowings
  14. Project investments
  15. Foreign trade
  16. Tourism
  17. External sector
  18. Health
  19. Education
  20. Employment
  21. Research & development

The data are at the all-India level. Geographical distribution such as states, districts, rural or urban is not available in this database.

The database is updated every day with new data releases.