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  • Credit appraisal
  • Risk management
  • Business prospecting
  • Treasury

Transfer Pricing

  • Finding relevant peer companies
  • Estimating benchmark ratios

Financial Markets

  • Sell-side research
  • Buy-side investment decisions


  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing & sales
  • Treasury
  • Corporate finance & taxation


  • Policy making
  • Tax administration
  • Attracting investments


  • Research

Business Schools

  • Real-life experience in classroom teaching
  • Assignments using real data

Our Products

Economic Outlook

  • Macro-economic forecasts and insights
  • Real-time analysis of data releases and copious time-series data

Industry Outlook

  • Historical time-series and forecasts
  • 193 industries covering all industrial and services sectors


  • Largest Database of Financial Performance of Indian Companies
  • Powered by a Versatile Software that Empowers the User.


  • Tracking the Creation of new Capacities
  • From Intentions through Implementation and Completion.


  • The most Comprehensive and Reliable source of Indian Commodity Prices
  • Market Intelligence, Crop forecasts and Time-series data for Agricultural Commodities.

Consumer Pyramids

  • Results from India's Largest survey of Households
  • Over 150,000 Households Surveyed every Quarter
  • Demographic characteristics of over 700,000 individuals

States of India

  • A Comprehensive compilation of State-level Statistics
  • Supported by Official Statistical documents from State governments


CMIE's databases are an invaluable resource for academia. Time-series of macro-economic indicators, regional databases, databases on company financials and equities, commodities and household financials are some of the databases the academic world finds directly useful in their research work.

The global academic fraternity has shown great interest in the Prowess database. This is understandable as Prowess offers a rich time-series of over two decades of the financial performance of public companies in India. And it has a broad cross-section with over 27,000 Indian companies in the database. The detailed disclosures in India and CMIE's meticulous processes of organising and standardising this data makes Prowess an attractive source to empirically test research ideas.

In recent times, researchers have shown interest in CapEx, a database of outstanding investment projects in India. This database offers a time-series of new investment projects announced and their progress through completion or abandonment. The database offers project-by-project details.

Time-series macro-economic indicators are available in Business Beacon and in Economic Intelligence Service. Both are desk-top installations. Macro-economic time-series data will become available over the Internet by July 2012.

Consumer Pyramids is a new database, which we believe will be of great use to the academic community. This database offers a series of estimations of household income, expenses, pattern of expenses, sources of borrowing, pattern of investments and ownership of assets of households in India. The estimations are based on India's largest panel household survey. The panel consists of over 150,000 households from over 300 cities and a hundred rural regions.

A complementary database to Consumer Pyramids is States of India. This offers time-series data on key economic and socio-economic indicators on the 36 states and union territories of India.