21 Sep 2012 12:37 PM from Prowess
Mohammad Arif Sayyed

Prowess 4.11 release scheduled for 24 September

Version release is to fix two bugs

As a policy, CMIE releases an improvised version of Prowess if a bug is discovered in the existing version. Sometimes, a simple query posted by a Prowess user also leads to the discovery of a bug during investigation. In such cases, the bug is fixed and a refined version is released.

Two bugs were identified in the current version of Prowess, i.e. Prowess 4.1. One related to the output on consolidated financials generated by using the ‘Interim financial statements’ query trigger and the other concerned the intra-day update process.

Whenever there was a gap in the time series of quarterly consolidated data of a company, the consolidated values of some other quarter were being displayed for the quarters which did not have any data available. This issue has been resolved in the new version i.e. Prowess 4.11.

The intra-day updates of Prowess are available every hour between 7:00 a.m and 11:59 p.m. It was observed that every time during the hourly intra-day update, the update process downloaded all the update files from 7.00 a.m onwards. With the release of Prowess 4.11, only the pending update files will now be downloaded by the user during his update process. This will reduce the time taken by a user to update his Prowess installation.

Prowess 4.11 will be available for download from 24 September 2012. To upgrade an existing Prowess installation to Prowess 4.11, a user may either use the full installation files (to update the data and upgrade the application) that will be made available at www.cmie.biz/install/prowess4.11/ or may use only the Prowess 4.11 exe upgrade file located at www.cmie.biz/install/prowess4.11/upgrade/prowess4.11_upgrade.exe. This is because there is no change in the database. The change is only in the .exe file affecting only the execution of a query trigger.

The upgrade to Prowess 4.11 is free of any additional cost to the subscriber.