21 Sep 2012 12:29 PM from States of India
Suryaprabha Chandrasekaran

Rainfall improves and stands at 5% below LPA

Excess rainfall in north India in week ending 19 September

India Meteorological Department has released the data for the week ending 19 September 2012. In the week, precipitation across India saw major changes. Excess rainfall was received across all states in northern India. Rainfall in Punjab was a massive 382 per cent above the Long Period Average (LPA), while that in Jammu & Kashmir was 351 per cent above the LPA. The southern states, however, received poor rainfall. Barring Kerala and coastal Karnataka, all the other subdivisions received deficient to scanty rainfall in the week.

Rainfall in the southern peninsula has been wavering since the start of the southwest monsoon 2012. Barring coastal Karnataka and subdivisions in Andhra Pradesh, rainfall here has been weak for most part of the southwest monsoon. During 1 June - 19 September 2012, Tamil Nadu received deficient showers that were 27 per cent below the LPA while rainfall in Kerala was 20 per cent below the LPA. Agricultural sowings in the state, however, are likely to remain unaffected due to healthy rainfall in the states during August 2012.

The whole of eastern India and parts of north east received normal rainfall in the corresponding period. In absolute terms, Chhattisgarh received the highest rainfall of 1,180 mm while Orissa followed with 1,101 mm of precipitation.

As a result of healthy rainfall in most parts of India in the week ending 19 September 2012, the intensity of deficient rainfall during 1 June - 19 September came down to five per cent below the LPA. 23 subdivisions received normal rainfall while precipitation in two was excess. 11 subdivisions, however, received deficient rainfall in the period.

The northern states of Haryana and Punjab were part of these subdivisions. Healthy rainfall in the week ending 19 September failed to pull up the precipitation levels in the states. However, the intensity of deficient rainfall had reduced. Rainfall in Haryana was 37 per cent below the LPA while showers in Punjab were 42 per cent below the LPA.