18 Sep 2012 4:19 PM from Commodities
Diksha Singh

Commodities introduces intra-day prices

Prices available for 67 CMIE-polled commodities

Commodities users can now access intra-day prices for products polled by CMIE. Intra-day prices will be available for 67 commodities that are polled by CMIE’s price polling executives from 155 markets in the country. This translates into 344 product-market combinations for which intra-day prices become available.

Hitherto, only end-of-day prices were available in the Commodities service. We have upgraded to a real-time system for disseminating intra-day prices polled by our team.

Of the 67 commodities, CMIE analysts also provide market intelligence reports for 14. The reports are written daily, based on inputs from traders. The scope of the reports includes a daily outlook for the spot price of the commodity, which forms the pre-opening market report. In addition, the reports provide information on trading activity and commodity arrivals at mandis.