17 Aug 2012 3:53 PM from States of India
Suryaprabha Chandrasekaran

Rainfall 2% less than LPA in the week ending 15 August

Monsoon recovers in parts of western India and southern peninsula

India Meteorological Department has released data for the week ending 15 August 2012. Rainfall recovered in many parts of India and was two per cent less than the Long Period Average (LPA).

Gujarat and Rajasthan were struggling with deficient to scanty rainfall so far. The week ending 15 August 2012 saw a turnaround and all the sub-divisions of the two states, barring Saurashtra & Kutch, received excess rainfall. Prior to the week, poor precipitation in the region had sparked fears of a dismal kharif season. However, if the improvement in rainfall continues, these fears are likely to be alleviated. A large portion of India’s cotton and groundnut cultivation comes from western India, primarily Gujarat. Rainfall in the sub-divisions of Maharashtra varied. Madhya Maharashtra received normal rainfall and Marathwada reported scanty precipitation, while Vidarbha received deficient rainfall in the week.

The southern peninsula had a similar spread of southwest monsoon prior to the the week ending 15 August 2012. All the sub-divisions barring those in Andhra Pradesh received deficient to scanty rainfall. In the week ending 15 August, the scene changed. The sub-divisions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry received excess rainfall. Coastal AP and south interior Karnataka witnessed normal precipitation. On the other hand, north interior Karnataka, Rayalaseema and Telangana received deficient rainfall.

North India received poor rainfall in the week. Barring Jammu & Kashmir, all other states received deficient to scanty rainfall. Haryana has been struggling with scanty rainfall for most part of the monsoon season. In the week ending 15 August, it received deficient rainfall. This has hit agriculture in the state, especially wheat and rice.

Uttarakhand has been on a roller coaster ride this southwest monsoon season. The months of June and July 2012 were highlighted by deficient to scanty rainfall. In the first week of August, however, the state was hit by cloud bursts which resulted in flash floods. This caused large-scale damage in the state. In the week ending 15 August 2012, Uttarakhand received deficient rainfall that was 25 per cent below LPA.