18 May 2012 12:40 PM from Prowess
Shiuli Mishra

Prowess 4.1 released

Free upgrade to all existing subscribers

CMIE released Prowess 4.1 today. All existing subscribers to Prowess are entitled to a free upgrade to this new enhanced version. The new installation can be downloaded from http://www.cmie.biz/install/prowess4.1/

The new version of Prowess replaces Prowess 4.01. With the release of Prowess 4.1, updates to Prowess 3.1 will cease and updates to Prowess 4.01 will get a lower priority compared to Prowess 4.1. CMIE also ceases to support any version of Prowess that pre-dates Prowess 4.01. Specifically, it will stop supporting Prowess 3.1.

The new release contains many enhancements in the database, in the features and in reports.

The database can now be updated every hour till 11 pm. Hitherto, intra-day updates stopped after the end-of-day files which were released soon after the end-of-day stock prices became available from the stock exchanges. However, companies continue to report and stock exchanges continue to release interim financial results till much later in the evening. CMIE also continues to capture and update the database in tandem with these releases.

To ensure same-day-delivery of interim financial results and other announcements of companies, Prowess 4.1 will now provide hourly updates till 11 pm. Updates will resume at 7 am the next day. Note that updates are also available on Sundays during the quarterly season of results releases. Updates are also available on almost all public holidays.

To see the key new features of Prowess 4.1 click here and to see more see regular updates discussed at http://prowess.cmie.com.