Forex reserves
USD million
  May 15 Jun 15
Foreign assets 352,474 355,222
  SDRs 4,017 4,064
  Gold 19,336 19,340
  Foreign currency 327,820 330,501
  Reserve position in IMF 1,302 1,317
28 Jul 11:33 AM from Economic Outlook
To compromise on plan spend for 5th consecutive year
31 Jul 09:20 AM from Economic Outlook
Cumulative rainfall at 3% below LPA
31 Jul 11:19 AM from Consumer Pyramids
AIDIS shows higher share of banks in household loans
31 Jul 11:11 AM from Consumer Pyramids
Average income Rs.14,000 and median income Rs.9,000 per household
27 Jul 05:12 PM from CapEx
157 projects worth Rs.793 billion stalled in June 2015 qtr
27 Jul 02:08 PM from Economic Outlook
Capacity additions, improvement in urban consumption demand and revival in mining activity to drive growth
31 Jul 12:53 PM from Industry Outlook
Natural gas production continues to slip
31 Jul 11:24 AM from Consumer Pyramids
Slight improvement in younger children
31 Jul 10:56 AM from States of India
MP at worst among BIMARU states
28 Jul 12:37 PM from States of India
Domestic freight traffic falls by 4.3% at Mumbai airport
27 Jul 04:12 PM from Industry Outlook
Crude oil processing capacity to augment by 27 million tonnes